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If you're a regular customer of Tim Hortons restaurant and would like to take part in their Guest Satisfaction Survey, you may visit www.TellTimHortons.com and take approximately 5 minutes to complete the survey. Then you will receive a chanceto win a $500 Tim Horton's gift card. Great!

Go to this survey website and take with your receipt from your recent visit. To get started, you should select the language in English or Francais, then select the Tim Hortons restaurant location you often visit. Next enter the required information printed on your receipt,  and answer a series of questions or leave a feedback for them.

Need help, go to www.TellTimHortons.com.

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  1. great relaxing place to enjoy great tasting coffee and unwind for a minutes in the morning

  2. I bought a large double,old fashioned donut, and a box of Tim Bite,plus they gave my dog Cody a tim bit,but no receipt.I can not remember getting a receipt ever,at Tims!Sooo no free coffee for me. Dale in Chester,N.S.

    1. If you want a reciet just ask for one.

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  4. This morning Sept. first I went to the Tims Hortons at Lake Fraser Drive, Calgary Alberta. 4:30 am...they didn't have the bagel I asked for, no sugar in my coffee and breakfast wasnt ready...should I be satisfied???

  5. Hi I am a regular customer of Tim Horton at Sheppard Ave.E and Shorting Rd. this morning Oct.7, 2012 at about 10:23am usually I have to go washroom before I start my morning coffee and a frosted bagel w/butter , I ask the tim horton lady to open the washroom , she told me the washroom is under cleaning so I stay outside the door to wait and suddenly one customer come out from men's washroom so I went it to used the washroom when I come out the store I tell the lady from tim horton I said to her you're lazy doesn't want to serve the customers and when she put the butter from my bagel just not enough to covered the whole bagel , I hope this will not happen again to me in the future when I visit Tim Horton for my morning breakfast .

    Sincerely Yours,
    Fred of Scarborough

  6. nov.30/2012
    i was at tim hortons on the date above on my last coffee break which is only 15 min. long there was 2 customers b4 me the 1 directly b4 me was as frustrated as i was it took almost my hole 15 min. 2 get what i wanted so i said 2 the girl behing counter they shood have opened a 2nd till she didnt seem 2 care unlees i go threw the drive through its the slowest around its the 1 in portkells bc

  7. My husband & I went to the Tim's in Tsawwassen, B.C. on Dec. 19 and each ordered the bacon tomato panini minus the bacon. It was the most disappointing panini I have ever eaten. It was not even on panini bread, rather a large whole wheat bread. It was very dry & tasteless. Please remove this from your menu. I'm sure we're not alone in feeling this way.
    Joan Arlington, Mission, B.C.

  8. Of all the Tim Hortons locations I've been to coast to coast, the outlet at St Marys Rd & Warde in Winnipeg has the absolute worst service... and it hasn't been improving since opening.
    Take this morning - a dozen or so people in line, on their way to work at approx 7:45am. One person working the till/coffee/food - no runners - second till empty. Theres big misunderstanding between a customer and server. Took 10 plus min to sort out.... all the while, a dozen people are waiting, and grumbling... several mention how this place is the worst, and how they're walked out in the past. All the while, three people working drive through see the line, but do nothing to assist. Finally, one impatient line person steps up and asks the lone flustered worker if someone could please open the empty till cause we've got to get to work. Some three minutes later, someone finally emerges from the back. But still, no runner. Just one person doing it all, guaranteeing continued slow service.
    Sadly, this scenario has not been the exception during the past couple or so years that this location has been opened. I and others are going to your competition, cause this is too frustrating.

    Couple of other points: why do many of the servers wear the plastic gloves, yet handle food and money with them on. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
    and please consider trimming the height of the speed bumps in the lot, as they can damage undercarriage, even when driving very slowly.


  9. We go to various Tim's on a regular basis for take-out & very often the server stands & waits while I get out the money I owe. It would be much faster if they would get my order & then collect the money when they bring it.

  10. I always go to the Tim Horton one at Sandlewood and Chinguasy in Brampton location.That store always busy as hell. Specialy Thursdays and Fridays mornings. But they have not enough staff on those days.And also very rare thing happend to me is,I beleive it's on Tuesday evening I bought a couple of strawberry vanila donuts and gave to my kids when they eating thos didn't have strawberry filling inside. they were plain.And I took back in there and show to the staff.She tried to to check the rest in the showcase they all same.
    I don't understand this.the employees don't get proper training?

  11. I couldn't get on the damn site to make a comment so,...i like the service but not this stupid f-in site.

  12. I go to the LaSalle Tim Hortons in New Sudbury. The giirls in the evening see me coming and have my tea and oatcakes ready for me without even ordering..

  13. I go toTim Hortons every day IN Bridgetown Nova Scotia. My wife and i enjoy a coffee for me and hot chocolate for her. For going on three weeks now NO hot chocolate. Seems to me in a business this size this is a bit rediculious. That wouldn't work in my business

  14. I like going to tim Hortons, i do like the coffee, but i am Gluten free , it would be nice to have gluten free Muffins and at least one kind of Bagel. Tks.Please try a lot of people now are Gluten free.

  15. During our visit at the Tim Hortens at Queens Quay in Toronto yesterday-08-08-2014- we were absolutely shocked. First of all: the shop was dirty, tables not wiped, the floor loaded with used and unused serviettes. Second: there were sparrows and pigeons walking inside picking what ever they could eat(find). Last but not least: the clerk was NOT interested in his job, looked/acted bored and was a bit unfriendly when we ordered our drinks and snacks. Being regular customers of Tim Hortens, planning to stay so, we want to let you know what's going on in that little shop. A.A. Thomson;Toronto

  16. I was at the tim hortens in peterboruogh and picked up my usual medium coffee. While I was in in Europe on vacation you changed the coffee.It was not the coffee I remember. The taste was bitter and I am not a dark roast fan. Many people are middle of the road coffee drinkers like me and when you change the taste of one of the biggest coffee franchises you better get it write. You blew it.. my prediction is you will loose about 35% of your customer base because of this.
    My hope is that this is not another new Coke blunder. Oh and by the way stupid move number 2 is selling a Canadian Icon to the American company Burger king. IF IT ISN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT !!!!

  17. had my first cup of dark roast...terrible,it was more like dark mud.,don`t know how they brewed it,don`t think tim`s folks ever drank this stuff,first and last...just saying

  18. The location at 22nd & 4th Street, Saskatoon is not a good place to visit. Early mornings you can find vagrants sleeping it off at one or more tables. They have others that sit at a table in an attempt to sell their wares. The staff seem scared to ask these people, the drunks included, to move on out. I'm concerned as I stand in line that I don't get approached for money by some of the vagrants. Not sure why they can't move people doing this out and give their customer base a sense of security being there. I worry that if anything happened, the staff would just stay behind the counter and not help me. I won't be visiting there any time soon around the 7-7:30 time. I would have though Tim's would have tried to do something about the situations and there have been many. So sad homeless have no place to go but even sadder they are allowed to intimidate people trying to get a cup of coffee.

  19. I would like to formally complain about the Tim Horton's large size cups. Now I can forgive the coffee all over my end table and even all over my couch, but my coffee almost burnt my 5 month old son when I grabbed my full coffee and the glue strip split open. There needs to be WAY more warning about this defect because this is not an isolated incident. I think at the very least they should offer to upgrade one size up to A cup that won't fall apart.

  20. Today i ordered coffees for a friend and myself and i noticed the ad for hockey cards for a limited time only. purchase a pack for a dollar if you order a beverage. So i asked for a package of hockey cards and the woman stands there looking at me, blinking unknowingly at my request. I point to the ad on the television screen menu thingie and she shrugs and points to the gift cards. I told her that wasn't what i wanted. She turns to her supervisor and asks her if she knows what I'm talking about. the supervisor also blinks unknowingly and asks me what i want. Once again i point to the ad on the television menu thingie. She says she doesn't know anything about this. Tells me she'll go to the back and ask. She disappears to the back and comes out about a minute later and says they don't know where the hockey cards are and they haven't been told anything about this. Nice promo you got going there, Tims. here's a novel idea. Why don't you contact each store manager using this thing called email and alert them to upcoming promo's, insisting they give their workers a heads up to the promo. Maybe even send them more than 1 email, you know, make your promo's a priority so your outlets aren't filled with workers who blink unknowingly at your valued customers. After all, isn't your franchise named after the hockey player who founded the organization? Isn't your most famous spokesperson a hockey player. Don't you show hockey on your commercials all the time? There's no excuse for your workers to be blibber blabbering to your customers about not knowing what they're talking about.