www.Lowes.com/Rebates - Lowes Rebates center

If you have recently purchased some products from Lowes, you must remember to visit the Lowes Rebate website to search for your  rebate offers by providing the Purchase Date and the Department. That means will have a discount cost savings for you.

Go to the Lowes  Rebates center www.lowes.com/rebates to compete and submit your easy rebate online. To start the rebate process, first you should complete the online registration form and enter your purchase information.

Affter submited, you can also type in your tracking number or your name to track your rebates status. This was a economical way! Dont miss out!

Lowe's is one of the largest home improvement retailers. Here you will find all home improvement products you want and also competitive price.


  1. we purchased a refrigerator and was to rec. a rebate and when we checked the reply was that it had already been sent. we have not rec. any thing from you in the mail. we have paid for the refrig. by check and that is the only correspondence we have rec. from Lowes. nothing else has come in the mail. ????
    billy woody, 396 Liberty road, Candler, nc. 28715. phone 828 667 9558

  2. receiver a 30 dollar rebate and was supposed yo be 50.00. How do I get the 20.00 due me?