www.Getactivelink.com/download - Download Your ActiveLink Software

If you are first time to use the ActiveLink device, you may have problems on ActiveLink Download and Activation process, please refer to the following guide to activate your ActiveLink easily.

Step 1: Visit www.getactivelink.com/download, download and install their free software to your computer. Here’s how:

Step 2: You will be prompted to connect your Activity Monitor to your computer.

Step 3:  Sign in account by using your Weight Watchers User Name and Password and activate your ActiveLink.


  1. Help I cannot install active link. I get the message setup resorse decompression failure

  2. I deleted an unwanted program which rode along with the getactive link and now I cannot find the download button on this.,

  3. You people need to do yourself a favor. Dump activelink as it is as phony as weightwatchers.

  4. weight watchers is not phony,you just are not working the progrham