www.TellKroger.com - Win a $100 Grocery Gift Card

Have you gone to the Kroger grocery store recently?  Were you pleased with their products and service? You can now share your shopping experience at the Kroger guest satisfaction website, www,TellKroger.com. The exciting possibility here is that you will have a chance to win a $100 Kroger grocery gift card when you complete the short survey. Why not have a try?

This survey is simple. First you need to choose your language in english or spanish to start. Then enter the date and time, Terminal Number, Transaction Number and Survey Entry Code printed at the bottom of your receipt. Next you will be required to answer a series of survey question.The process hardly takes 5-10 minutes.

Just go to www.TellKroger.com to start the process.


  1. I am not interested in surveys or prizes. I am interested in people and services.
    You did yourselves, your customers and your employees a grave disservice by terminating your "Greeters", not to mention in such a callous, insensitive manner.
    They were very valuable assets to your stores. They were courteous, knowledgeable and most helpful. Your cavalier dismissal of them was a serious error on your part.
    They were part of your family, and you treated them like unwanted step children.
    That reflects very poorly on your sense of loyalty. You should be embarrassed, but since you apparently have no conscience, I'm sure you won't.
    My shopping at your stores will be affected by your actions.

  2. gracias por su oferta, no lo necesito!
    solo entrene a su gente que trabaja en el store beverly blv and doheny ellos abusan de la gente mayor son muy groceros voy a tomar videos y los voy a subir en you tube
    por eso no compro en este ralphs.
    espero atiendan mi queja esto los hace no profesionales
    esto es U.S.A