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CVS Pharmacy is the U.S.'s biggest pharmacy chain with over 6,000 stores. Each time you make a purchase at a CVS Pharmacy, you may receive a Survey ID for entering a survey contest. How to do? Locate the unique 10-digit Survey ID# at the bottom of your CVS Pharmacy receipt. Visit www.CVSSurvey.com and follow the onscreen instructions to input the Survey ID. Then you will also need to answer some questions regarding your most recent experience at CVS Pharmacy. At the end you will be entered into a drawing for 1 $1000 cash prize and 200 $10 cash prizes.

No Internet? No problem. Call toll-free, the toll-free number is printed on your purchase receipts, or complete a hand-printed 3"x 5"card that contains your personal details and mail it to CVS Pharmacy $1,000 Monthly Sweepstakes, 16200 Dallas Parkway, Suite 140, Dallas, Texas 75248-6897. You have the same chance to win. Good luck!

Survey Sweepstakes Details

Who Can Join: people who must be a legal resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and who have reached the age of 18.

Sweepstakes Period: Valid 1/01/2014 - 6/31/2014

Prize(s): One $1,000 winner and Two hundred $10 winners for each Monthly Drawing.


  1. I live in S. Carolina and ran out of a medicine while visiting in Vidor Tx.. Have been here going on 3 weeks for an unexpected medical emergency for a 98 yr. old father-in-law. I called my Dr. office in SC told them I had only 3 pills and needed a prescription sent to the Vidor CVS Store on 1295 N. Main St. I then was told it would be faxed. I stopped by the store hours later and no medicine. I checked again later with the Dr. office and was told the Dr. had to sign off on it and it would be faxed later that day. I went back to CVS later at night and was given a card by the pharmacist and told that if it did not come in they would personally call my Dr. in SC for me. I called yesterday and a young woman answered and told me it WAS READY. This is medicine I have to have on a daily basis and I said THANk YOU. I want to thank them for all their cooperation and give the a 10. They went out of their normal task to make sure I got what I needed. Martha Thompson, Rock Hill, SC

  2. Esperiencia muy buena, atentos sus empleados

  3. Un buen servicio y muy felises gracias

  4. Un buen servicio,y mucha variedad,,mencanta

  5. I am having a problem with the digit numbers to enter the sweepstakes on the survey for cvs as I only have 16 digit number on my receipt for the cvs instead of 17 . It won`t let me enter the survey or contuine either. How can I get 17 when I only have 16?

    1. i think we all get 16 digit numbers. That way CVS gets to keep all their money!

  6. You used to just have to add a zero to the end but it seems to have changed. Any luck?

  7. The CVS pharmacy in our area is for crap. They some how fill scripts before there needed and I feel there taking advantage of my mother because she's loosing her eye sight. I've asked them to not fill a script unless I call them and they just keep filling them even if she don't need it ! What kind of pharmacy does that. I think it's sad that I have to worry about my mothers pharmacy and what there giving her.The CVS pharmacy in Howard , Wi. stinks and I wish that my parents had never started using it.

  8. CVS Store- 2154 State street, Columbus Indiana 47201 Good clean store, get all my prescriptions filled there & much more