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Family Dollar Store is well known for offering everyday low priced merchandise to customers. Are you a frequent visitor to your local, convenient Family Dollar store? Would you like to receive a chance to win a $500 Family Dollar gift card? If yes, visit www.tellfd.com to complete a short survey about your Family Dollar shopping experience. Upon completion, you will be given the opportunity to the survey sweepstakes.

No Internet? No problem. Call 0800-316-2083, or complete a hand-printed 3"x 5"card that contains your personal details and mail it to Family Dollar Survey" Sweepstakes, 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, NY 14610. You have the same chance to win. Don't miss your chance to win. Good luck!

Family Dollar truly value your feedback and they will use this information to update their services and products.

Survey Sweepstakes Details

Who Can Join: people who must be a legal resident of the United States and 18years of age or order.

Sweepstakes Period: Valid 8/01/2012 - 12/31/2013

Prize (s) : $500 Family Dollar gift card


  1. A very enjoyable experience cashier very friendly & helpful will continue to shop at my family dollar store

  2. I love family dollars so much evety time you go in the store you can fill the love of the people that work there you ask where a item is and they automatically help you I will always continue to go to family dollars for the rest of my life until I die I just want you to know family dollars I love you and always will.

  3. yes i love family dollar the cashier julie is very friendly and she knows my main item that i come to get.she greets you with hello and lets me know all the bestr sale items

  4. I love family dollar stores. There you can find a little of everything less expansive than other stores.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. I am a retail merchandiser so while I am doing my visit at The Family Dollar store's, I may purchase merchandise at their store. Some of the employee's take their job very serious by treatening customers with care while some managers you can tell is only their for its their job. As far as shopping goes I have found more products a lot cheaper than a regular Dollar General.

  6. At the Family Dollar in Bridger Montana the manager Kandice is really hard to get along with.Not only does she ignore customers she also says horrible things about people she doesn't like.She has been fired from her last 2 jobs because of her bad attitude..Many people won't go there when she is working..She also hires her son's girlfriends..Other people need jobs here..not just her family..Please get rid of her.

    1. Kandice on many occasions has been working while very intoxicated on pain pills..Don't you do drug testing?