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KFC is a world famous chicken restaurant chain, well known for its fried chicken wings, its stores have stretched round the world. Are you a fan of KFC restaurant? How often do you eat in there? Did you like the food and the service? If you have recently dined in one of the KFC restaurants and receive a receipt with a Restaurant Number or Store Number, you could win!! Tell your dining experience to KFC by logging on to www.talktokfc.com and get a chance to win a $1000 Cash Prize. It hardly takes 5-10 minutes.

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The www.Talktokfc.com is the website of KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey, which was established to fully listen to customer feedback and continue to improve the service to meet the various needs of customers.

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  1. Bonney Lake WA #318 Store #E720388
    My husband and I went to this store tonight at 6:07pm. Where we placed an order for 58.73. the young lady at the counter was nice, but the whole store was total mess, No table top was clean, the area by the pop had pop on, and around it, the lids were empty. Then when you looked back where the food was being cooked, there was a young man with a cigarette in his mouth, while his buddy just stood around doing nothing. Mind you the area where you slide the buckets/trays to fill the orders, had empty cookie sheets sitting on it, with other items that could have went into the trash and it could use a good wipe down as well.
    I just fill for the amount of money that one pays for the food the place could had least have chicken cooked at this time of night (we waited a good half an hour for the order to be cooked & filled), and it could like someone one cares what it looks like, NO ONE should be aloud in the store with a cigarette in their mouth, and if a person has time to stand around, they surely have time to clean up the area. The shift manager didn't say anything to the young men, he stayed in the back area expect to pull a couple of pot pies out of the oven for the gentleman standing around. Oh yea, he was pulling items off the trays without a pair of tongs, or gloves; just his hands.. thank the lord the order was not mine or I would have said something right then and there.

  2. went to KFC/Taco Bell store E-704414. The beans on the burrito was just a smear. Since this was a take out, Next time I will tell them to be more generous with the beans.

  3. went to KFC/TB store #G135121 got 10 solf tocos they were pretty good i like to eat with my teeth out hu lol it was a take out order and it was pretty fast hu lol thank you bubba

  4. Went to KFC /taco bell every thing was was fresh hot. The service was fast.

  5. Went to #4429 store yesterday, got 3pc meal, food was fresh and hot, great service, Thanks

  6. Went to store #J625080 for lunch and was told they no longer carry the honey barbecue sandwich so I ordered chicken tenders. These are chicken parts pressed together or however its done but not actual whole tenders. This is a place that specializes in chicken and you can't get the REAL Thing? No sauce was offered with it, nothing. Plus the last honey barbecue I got there was stuck in a box with no paper wrapping around it. Do you know how messy that was? I'm pretty much done with KFC.

  7. we ordered a Grilled,Boneless Breast got a regular breast grilled,wrong, I ordered a two piece dinner,
    leg was OK, Breast was not completely done,wrong. I was in food service earlier in life, an I know how to cook chicken. New Menu Board is pretty, but lacks good old common sence. we were regulars, but that is due to change.
    If your menu was changed to make money,wrong. your need customers to make money. Good Luck

  8. My tickets number is #3778 spring branch on memorial Dr,an dairy Ashford...the services was ok but the food is very nasty an they never have nothing ready or is always out of food. It's nothing but young kids in there working. You never see nobody wash there hands after touching money. There food isn't hot or fresh an when you ask for it to be fresh an hot the works get really upset an move very slow. I would never eat at another kfc staying as long as I'm alive.

  9. We attempted to eat the food at KFC in Newcastle,OK.It was cold & grease puddles were standing on the chicken. I'm 66 yrs. old & have cut up a many a chicken. The server kept trying to pass off a cut of part wing & back as a breast. I went back back 3 times & they kept repeating same cut as a breast. I asked for white meat & payed extra for a thigh instead of a wing.So for the 3 piece meal with white meat, I was charged $7.99. I received 1 breast & 2 pieces cut as part wing & back. They never could get it right. The chicken was cold floating with grease. The mashed potatoes / gravy was cold & thin enough to drink through a straw. This meal cost us $16.24 & we had to bring it home to feed our dogs because it was so uneatable. My husband became ill from what he tried to eat. He is throwing up profusely. The food probably contained salminila or botchulism & ecoli. I shoud report this to the health dept.Gary Blevins

  10. I have went to several kfcs and it seems to me it depends on what franchise owns them. I have started to ask . Kfc has gone down hill I think they should start at the top and work their way down. I feel you would get better service if the people working got treated better.

  11. I think that they should at least wear gloves when your making an order at least they wear gloves at taco bell on the blvd and they keep there store well cleaned and stocked up with everything unlike some fast food places do and no one should be smoking while on there job that doesn't look good to be smoking on the job when there supposed to be serving food .Christy Clark ocala fla

  12. My Husband and myself went to KFC/TB Store #J466001
    1545 Chestnut Bypass
    Centre , Al.
    We both ordered 2 pc EC / Box The chicken was old not fresh was plan nasty the Biscuit was cold and hard . The table was nasty had to wipe it off myself the area behind the counter was filthy the condiment counter was empty and all in all will never go back .
    What ever happened when folks took pride in what they did and what they served now a days its like lets just send it out and hope they don't complain .

  13. Suzanne DrennnonMay 30, 2013 at 9:54 AM

    I ate at KFC in Ozark, MO. It smelled bad when I walked in...this should have been the first hint for me to leave, but I had a coupon for buy one get one free so decided to give it a try. Place had dirty tables, chairs and booth seats. Trash on floor in cooking area. Chicken was overcooked and had a grey color on breading. Mac 'n Cheese was dried out after being held too long. Soda area was not clean. I took the free dinner home and threw it away! KFC used to be my favorite place for chicken, but it has goon down hill for the last few years. Never again, I have finally learned my lesson.

  14. Nobody in KFC gives a answer about this comments. I've read many comments like this for more than a year, and the situation en KFC around of US is the same. Totally a mess. They don't care about us. They care about money. That is it.

    1. I totally agree and will not go back.

  15. We went to store # Y335090, 3819 E.Broad st. in Columbus,Oh. the service ,and the food is terrible...had to repeat order 3x,a girl came and thru the window open like she was going to attack me and spoke very rudly..then the chicken was old and cold and the biscut was burnt ,cold and hard...........this is a place I will never go again...KFC has gone to the dogs.....

  16. We went to KFC in Blue Springs, MO store #G135009 10/17/14, it was the worst food we have ever had from that store. The coleslaw was soured, the chicken was over done and dried out and the biscuits were dried out. They had no corn on the cob and no sodas, plus there were wasp in the building. We will never go back there again.