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Buy any food or beverage item in Zizzi restaurant. Receive a receipt. On the bottom of the receipt it should say: LET US KOWN WHAT YOU THINK AT WWW.TELLDR.COM OR CALL TOLL FREE 0800 - *** - **** FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN £1,000. Aha, try your luck! You can now go to www.tellzizzi.co.uk and spend a few minutes to finish a questionnaire about your last visit. At end of this survey you will be entered into the daily draw to win a meal for 2 and get a chance to win £1,000.

Your local Zizzi restaurant would love your support. They are always keen to get your feedback and opinions, because that would help them to better serve you. Give your feedback now!

How To Enter The Zizzi's Customer Survey Online?
  1. Visit www.tellzizzi.co.uk or call the toll free number on the invitation.
  2. Enter the 12-digit survey code from your Zizzi receipt in the box provided and click enter.
  3. Then fill out the online survey for your chance to win.
If you have any problems of any kind with the survey, you can read the TERMS & CONDITIONS listed on the bottom of the survey page.

1 comment:

  1. I visited your restuaurant at Gunwharf Quays

    Code 4H7032 010987

    As part of the meal I ordered a bottle of your Barbera D'asti - A bottle was brought to the table with foil cap removed, the cork was pulled and the wine poured - I confirmed it was not corked. However after letting the wine breathe, further tasting revealed the wine to be very inferior with bad acid balance - not a Barbera D'Asti - I consulted my colleague and they confirmed my opinion. I called the waitress who cliamed the wine to be as ordered, I asked for it to be changed for an unopened foiled capped bottle but was refused, I rejected to wine and changed to sparkling water.

    I strongly feel that Zizzi are fraudulent selling cheap poor quality wine at high prices relying on the general lack of knowledge of the public. This is an appaling practice and I shall ensure I tell all my friends of it as well as informing Trading Standards.

    Your food is good quality, why do you cheat you customers on the wine, or is your local manager ripping you off?

    Either way, you will have lost me and my friends as customers.

    Please reply to this email within 24h so I can copy you in on my communicatios with Trading Standards