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With the frequent economic and trade intercourses among countries, to master the language of each country is most important.

TELL ME MORE is one of the best language learning software. Its satisfied users across a broad variety of industries such as government agencies, Most Educational institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. The TELL ME MORE Education method offers different types of activities which correspond to precise pedagogical objectives. Their courses including Enflish, French, Spanish, German, etc.

www.TellMeMoreCampus.com is the Campus sign on page of the Tell Me More v10.0. If you are already a  Tell Me More user, you can login by entering your user name and password.

The TELL ME MORE® experience includes:

1、Easy-to-comprehend content created by expert instructional designers.

2、Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening Workshops.

3、Specialized oral communication content.

4、2000+ hours of dynamic content per language.

5、Supplemental Business and Culture specific content.

6、10000 vocabulary words classified by lexical group.

7、37 different types of learning activities/interactions.

8、Spoken Error Tracking System (SETS®) technology automatically detects and corrects your pronunciation errors.

9、Professional voice-overs, videos, 3-D animations, and real-world graphics.

10、Speech Recognition with playback and achievement scale.

11、Anytime, anywhere accessibility.

For more information about TELL ME MORE, go to www.TellMeMore.com.

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