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www.tellcdntiregas.com is created by Canadian Tire is devoted to collecting their customer feedback information to the product and service and bring forward the improvement scheme. Have you bought some Tire products from Canadian Tire store recently? If yes, you might be invited to take part in the Canadian Tire Guest Survey Sweepstakes at Tellcdntiregas.com. You will automatically receive a chance to instantly win an iPod Plus 10 chance to win $1,000 cash. Dont miss out!

To complete this survey is quite simple. The first thing you should is to select the language in english or Fracais. Then enter in the date, time, transaction number and total amount is printed on your receipt and share your recent shopping experiences.It hardly takes 5-10 minutes.

To fill out this survey, go to the website link http://www.tellcdntiregas.com.

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  1. What do you when there is no station number on your transaction?