www.Windstream.com/Modemrebate - Windstream Rebate Form

If you have recently purchased a Windstream's Broadband Equipment or their service, you must remember to visit the Windstream Rebate center to apply for your Windstream's Modem Rebate. This rebate program is like thier High-speed Internet service, fast and easy.

This www.windstream.com/modemrebate is the website for Windstream's Rebate Center. Here you can easy to complete the online rebate form. You will need to provide your Account Number, Phone Number, Current Bill Amount and your email address. And you can also enter your phone number to track the status.

If you are a new customer, do read the instructions for New customers at the homepage carefully!

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  1. Good luck pulling up the form. It's not available. Keeps giving us the runaround.